English Language Requirements

Our expert team of English Language Assessors will assess your English Level

These English assessments allow us to assess what additional support (if any) you may need in order to meet the English language requirements for your course.

Based on the outcome of this assessment you will be advised whether you meet the requirements or need to take a Pre-Foundation English course.

If you are advised that you need to take a Pre-Foundation English course, you will receive information about the course you need to attend and what timetables are available.

Remember, English Language requirements for the Business Management Foundation Degree are

  • FOUNDATION IELTS 4.5 (with no less than 4.5 in any area) or equivalent
  • INTERNALLY ASSESSED CEFR B1 (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Free Pre-foundation English Support

As mentioned above, where applicants need a little support to improve their English Language skills, the College offers free pre-foundation English courses – both online and in the building.

These courses aim to bring your level of English up to the required standard, enabling you to join the course you have applied for after attending English classes and passing a formal English test.

If you are offered a pre-sessional course, you will be required to attend classes and fully complete the course before being accepted on to your foundation degree course.

Free Pre-foundation English Support

  • Read the guidance notes on English Language Requirements at the end of this document
  • Consider taking a short functional skills course to gain an approved English qualification
  • Practice your English with friends, family or colleagues before taking the English assessment
  • Make sure you are well rested, not hungry, thirsty or distracted when you take the test
  • If you have an English qualification make sure we have seen it so you can be exempted

If you are unsure or have questions about your English Language qualification, please speak to one of our Admissions Officers and they will be able tell you whether you can be exempted.

Contact one of us on the numbers provided or
email admissionsuk@oxfordbusinesscollege.ac.uk .